If the world is to become more abundant, just and equitable for all, it will be our children and grandchildren that co-create it. However, in the meantime, it becomes out task to give them our unconditional love, understanding, patience, encouragement and support. They need appropriate role models to equip them to manifest their dreams and visions for a better world.

Most recognize that children, today, are very different from those of previous generations. Yet society continues its attempt to fit them into boxes they have already outgrown - into an educational system that neither meets their needs nor prepares them to cope with living in this rapidly changing world.

We feel that by combining the cognitive focus of the Montessori approach to learning with the creative, intuitive, project-centered Waldorf method in a nature-based environment, we are able to provide a more holistic synthesis for children of all ethnic backgrounds and learning styles.


The Starchild Centre is dedicated to providing the best possible environment for supporting and fostering the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development for these new age children.

Starchild Centre is committed to the development of the whole child by employing an integrated approach to learning and living through weaving together the Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia philosophies, methods and use of their pedagogic materials.

The specific goals for the children attending our Daycare are:

Today's Children

Boy leaning on a desk. There is much material on the internet about the new children that have been incarnating during the past several years. Their DNA is different. The neurological wiring in their bodies is different. They see more, feel more and innately know more than their elders. They know their mission and will not be deterred from their path. They will definitely change what they cannot accept. These newcomers are generally grouped into two categories, the Indigo and the Crystal children.

The Indigos were the first to arrive. They have a warrior spirit, and their collective purpose is to break down the dysfunctional old systems that no longer serve us and to dismantle and remove old and limiting ways of thinking. They are here to quash government, educational, and legal and other systems that lack integrity.

The Crystal Children have come to begin the process of renewal and rebuilding. The Primary Mission of a Crystal Child is to teach the ways of Multi-Dimensional Living - in harmony, peace and love. They have come to teach us how to live empowered lives. They have come to help us to reconnect with the Divine Feminine energies. They represent the future path of the Human Race.

Many of these children born now and into the future will confound and exasperate their elders for they come here at this time with very specific missions. They are serving as catalysts for the evolution of humankind. It is society's role to support them in their endeavors to create a higher level of living. It is our duty to encourage and support them in their efforts to promote social justice, environmental preservation, global awareness, and peace.

The most common traits of Indigo Children:

The most common traits of Crystal Children:

Happy little girl giving a peace sign.

Both Indigo and Crystal Children carry what is known as "Unity consciousness". They are very attuned to others of their kind and to the interconnectedness of all. Their group consciousness will be the pathway to the future for humanity.


Petra Angpao Durrance

Petra picking orange fruit. Starchild Centre's owner/directress, Petra is an Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Educator, with ECE, ITE and Montessori Certification and with some Waldorf experience. Petra has worked with infants, toddlers and children since the age of 12 when she took care of the babies in the orphanage where she grew up in the northern Philippines. As co-founder of the International Association for Transformation (IAT), she has overseen the establishment of Montessori-based daycares in several remote mountain villages in the Philippines, has held numerous mother's classes and seminars and trained ECE teachers in the Philippines for the Canadian Charity - International Association for Transformation. She is also a registered nurse.

Gloria Dyer

Gloria smiling in front of pine trees. Hails from Ontario, and first began working with emotionally disturbed children in the early 70's, gaining experience with children with developmental and speech delays and behavioral problems. For the past 34 years she has served in various capacities in preschools and nursery schools, from program planning and arranging field trips to supervising college and high school co-op students. Gloria is managing the programs at Starchild and along with her experience, knowledge and skills, brings music, dance cooking and puppetry to the children at the Centre.

Yvonne has facilitated school based literacy programs with parents and their children, 0-5years of age. She is a Roots of Empathy facilitator and workshop presenter, and has a Provincial Instructors Diploma. I am passionate about promoting early literacy and a love for life-long learning.

“I love the outdoors and enjoy working in play based learning environments that are creative and stimulating for young children to explore, grow and thrive.”

Stephanie Henriksen

Stephanie standing with husband and child, holding flowers Stephanie Henriksen has always had a love for helping children to learn and grow. In 2007 she began working in a daycare center with children ages 2˝ -5 years old. In 2010 she completed the ECE program at Camosun College. Steph continued to work for the same center until going on maternity leave in December of 2012. She enjoyed spending the year at home with her new son. In 2014 she married the love of her life and joined the staff at Starchild, where she, “hopes to be for a very long time.” She enjoys nurturing the toddlers and hopes to begin taking Infant and Toddler courses online soon.

Stephanie believes that all children learn through play. That play is the basis for learning social skills, personal interests, developing personalities, imagination, and creativity. Play is a way to try new things, to try new roles, to finds your likes and dislikes, to bring your imagination to life, a way to learn how to make friends, and so much more. Stephanie looks forward to meeting you and your family at Starchild.

Michele De Valk

Portrait of Michele De Valk. Michele began her ECE career 25 years ago, and received her Infant/Toddler Certificate 10 years ago. She continues to love growing with the littlest ones in care, using music, stories, puppets, art and the outdoors. She has sat on Board of Directors for Community Centers, operated her own licensed daycare, and assisted with projects for families, children and teens.

I enjoy working with children with special needs and have previously had opportunity to work with children with behavioral and severe developmental issues. I am looking forward to a great year here at Star Child and am excited to get to know all of the children.

Carly Stace-Smith

Carly in a mossy log shelter, giving a peace sign. I began working at StarChild as a practicum student, and have since become a full time team member running the 3-5 “Inspired” classroom. I enjoy spending time in nature, and strive to instill a love for the outdoors in today’s children. I love travel and learning about different cultures, places, languages and people; this too I can share with the children on a small scale in the class setting. I have lived and volunteered across Canada as well as in Nicaragua and Honduras. In Honduras, I helped to run a summer day camp with volunteers from around the world for the children of the village of El Porvenir on the northern coast.

Here at StarChild, we like to spend as much time as possible each day outside exploring the natural world. We like to go for walks around the property, have circle time with singing and dancing in the tipis, and visit the barnyard animals. The children look forward to time outdoors with joy and anticipation.

I am so happy to be nurturing children, exposing them to gardening and the animals on the Starchild farm, sharing my love of the outdoors with them and working with the staff.

Carmen Rae

Carmen As an early childhood educator I believe that the relationship between the child and their educator needs to be one based on trust, respect and a mutual understanding of teamwork. I have always had a passion for working with young children and in April of 2015 I graduated from Vancouver Island University with a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care with Specialties in Infant and Toddler Care and Divers-Abilities Care. I have worked in my community as a Doula; a second passion of mine, and have been lucky enough to find a home here at Starchild Centre.

I will work hard to ensure that the care I provide to your children represents not only the care they receive in a loving environment, but also the care that helps in building healthy attachments and positive self-identity.

Working with children is a learning experience for everyone involved in that child’s life and I look forward to learning alongside them for as long as possible. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your children’s lives.

Chelsea Trousdell

Chelsea Chelsea recently moved back to Vancouver Island from Vancouver. She grew up in Comox, so is excited to be returning to her roots and to be closer to family. Chelsea started her career in Aboriginal Early Childhood Education in 2013 after graduating from Emily Carr University and has Montessori training and experience. She strives to combine her love of creative learning with her passion for nature and enthusiasm for Early Childhood Education.

Chelsea feels strongly about the importance of getting children outdoors and is thrilled about exploring the farm and surrounding landscape with the children at Starchild. Every day is an adventure here!

“A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature.”

-Maria Montessori

David Durrance

David standing in front of hilly plains. Is a retired secondary school teacher, Montessori certified and CEO of the International Association for Transformation (IAT) a Victoria-based charitable organization he founded 36 years ago. He has been involved in youth education and leadership training, agricultural, reforestation and community development programs for more than 40 years. David’s focus is upon maintaining the orchard, and grounds of the 9 acre hobby farm on which the daycare is located as well as assisting the other staff members with the children’s gardening, exposure to the animals, nature walks and other outside projects and activities.


The front of the Starchild Centre building. Located on 9 acres of forest and pasture at Mill Bay, BC, Starchild Centre is a fun filled, inclusive, institution catering to children from 0 to school age. With a great staff, individual organic garden plots for each child, 2 goats, 2 miniature donkeys, a horse, 4 ducks and 40 chickens, Starchild Centre is dedicated to making your child's preschool experience the best it can be!

Starchild Centre
992 Nightingale Road
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Starchild Centre's yard. The bright interior of the Starchild Centre. A picnic table in the Starchild Centre's yard.